Domingo Caffè is an Italian roasting factory that produces high quality expresso for the national and international market.  The excellence of Made in Italy preserved in a family tradition.


The heart of the company

The family Nuozzi Grandfather Domenico and little Mattia Grandfather Domenico and little Mattia Domenico Nuozzi

Today Domingo Caffè is a modern company run by the second generation of the Nuozzi family. A young team particularly sensitive to innovation that has brought improvements to the production process and has introduced a new image and communication style. Constantly expanding, the company continues to be an ambassador of quality Italian expresso around the world.


The origins


Aroma che sa di casa Separatore
Tazzina di caffè How love blossoms

The aroma of roasted coffee

Linea Amore

is an Italian love story. The love of a man who as a young boy lived far from home to complete his studies and missed the warmth of his family. The story of a young boy who warmed his heart with the aroma of coffee.
As a young boy walking to school everyday along the same road in a small town nestled in the mountains, he would pass by a family owned coffee roasting factory. He would glue his face to the window and secretly observe the gestures, movements, the alchemy and the secrets that transformed those beans into magic.

Caffettiera The perfect blend

The excellence of an expresso

Linea Amore

Since then Domenico Nuozzi has had only one great goal in his life : create the perfect blend.
After having researched and studied for a long period, experimenting and improving increasingly more each time, that goal has been achieved with persistence and passion.

Separatore La miscela perfetta

La prima torrefazione Separatore
Macinino caffè The first roasting factory

The coffee is a success

Linea Amore

In 1994 his dream materializes itself in an authentic roasting factory with adjacent coffee tasting bistro. The factory is situated in Termoli a beautiful southern Italian seaside city.
Many connoisseurs come in to drink the "elixir" that is roasted and blended in a small workshop at the back and finally savoured hot and steaming at the tables of the bistro. Since then the story continues.

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